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  • Machines and lines for industrial and handicraft industry ice-cream production
  • A wide assortment of new / used renovation / restoration at the factory in Italy, with the machines warranty and lines for the production of any kind of ice cream, industrial and handicraft.
  •       - Three-phase machines laboratory to complete the cooking cycle of ice cream in one machine (mixing, pasteurization, cooking and keeping the mixture). Hour productivity from 10 to 40 kg of mixture / hour. 
  •       - Automatic "3 in 1". Hourly productivity, the portion 75 g from 400 to 600 servings.
  •       - Cream cooking - can generally produces up to 40 kg / hour of excellent confectionery creams.
  •       - Pasteurizers of mixtures and a continuous production influence for pasteurizing, homogenizing and flash cooling.
  •       - Windows sale and the interior (furniture) in an ice cream cafe. Showcases both new / used (in excellent condition). Used furniture  in perfect condition.
  • Additional information on request.
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Ice cream