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  • LIAD ENGINEERING - This company, which is one of the leaders in the global market in the design, development, manufacture and sale of advanced automated packaging systems group. The basis of the company is a team of highly qualified engineers who specialize in automatic control systems and work in this area since 1977.
  • LIAD ENGINEERING develops and puts into operation projects in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and in metallurgy. Among all the machines, which the company has developed and produced, are the following machines: packaging, boxes and trays collectors, machines for packing trays in a stack, and closed-loop servo system. Most machines are managed and operated by means of electric and pneumatic actuators with electronic controllers (PLC and servo). Basic system LIAD ENGINEERING designed and equipped for the products that are loaded and packed in plastic containers, cardboard trays, boxes or wrapped in cardboard. These machines are combined with machines for packaging (bottling) and form a complete automatic line for packaging.
  • In addition to production activities LIAD ENGINEERING provides consulting and design to fully integrated lines for filling (bottling) and packaging.
  • LIAD ENGINEERING clients include such well-known food companies as Nestle, Unilever, Danon, Strauss, Сoсa-Сola, Tnuva and Carlsberg.
  • Extensive knowledge in the food industry and extensive technical experience accumulated by the company, perfectly aligned with the company's activities in the field of marketing, consulting and sales, and makes it possible to produce technical support, installation and routine service at the highest level.