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  • PACK LINE LTD company is one of the world leaders in the developing and manufacturing wide range of modern packaging equipment.
  • The main manufacturing is located in the industrial area of ​​Holon city, Big Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Currently Pack Line is a modern enterprise with a high level of organization of production processes. The company employs a team of highly qualified professionals.
  • The company created a mechanician department,  that fully provides  working out of all documentations. All equipment of PACK LINE LTD is  producing  from own documentation. Many of the original decisions of the company are patented.
  • Because of the high degree of unification of  produced equipment, a well-organized system of cooperation with various companies in Israel and worldwide, the company is able to ensure the development and manufacturing of packaging machines of high quality in a short terms, including for the equipment, that is manufactured according to individual customer requirements.
  • Company PACK LINE LTD competes in the market with leading manufacturers of packaging machinery in the world.
  • The main advantages of  PACK LINE LTD equipments are: high technical level and quality, reliability, originality at technical solutions, ease of maintenance and repairs, low price compared with international analogs, and established system service worldwide.
  • PACK LINE LTD  company is constantly working to improve its equipment, the development of new technical solutions. This allows the company  continually to enter the market with new developments and stay ahead of their competitors. The company manufactures packaging equipment, including exclusive equipment, according to the  individual requirements of our customers.
  • PACK LINE LTD equipment fits standards of SE, FDA, 3A (Sanitary Standard for USA dairy industry).
  • Our customers are around the world and are the world's leading food manufacturers and other products such as: NESTLE, DANONE, KRAFT, UNILEVER, KNORR, PEPSICO, BUNGE, MacDONALDS, YOPLAIT, PARMALAT, ARLA FOODS, GARDEN FRESH, KENTUCKY FOODS, STRAUSS, TNUVA, OSEM, MARS, ELITE, DAIRY FARMER, COSTCO, ECOLEAN , KFC, ROLLTON (Mareven Food), WBD, HP.
  • Company equipment successfully works in dozens of countries on all over the world.
  • The  PACK LINE LTD equipment  can pack different  types of products,  both traditional and exclusive in containers of various shapes and sizes.
  • The company manufactures packaging equipment in using various systems of  ULTRA CLEAN container sterilization, CIP washing, with active control systems weight of each dose, with automatic adjustment to different doses and containers of different heights from the control panel. Electronic control systems provide full automatic fault diagnosis, transmit timely information on work machine to a central computer company.
  • The company PACK LINE LTD  is a constant  member of most of the leading exhibitions in the world.