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The Pack Line equipment can pack the following:

Dairy,  Oil and fat industry (Photo):

  • - Sour cream, yoghurt (including with slices), desserts, puddings, cheese masses with different   fillings, cottages, aerated products, condensed milk, processed cheese, butter, ice cream, etc. ;
  • - Granulated cheese (with cream);
  • - Soft cheeses, cheese and mozzarella in casting, including sliced ​​for salads;
  • - Combined products can be packed into multisection containers;
  • - Multilayer milk products;
  • - Milk and various milk products can be packed into plastic and glass bottles, cans, Doypack packages.
  • - Mayonnaise can be packed  in various types of containers for both, domestic consumption as well as  in large packaging for large consumers. (Doypack package, jars, buckets, etc.);
  • - Light oil, spreads, liquid margarines;
  • - Margarine in different packaging;
  • - Different types of fats;
  • - Different packaging for vegetable oils.

Hummus (Photo):

  • - Hummus classic;
  • - Hummus with different  fillings.

Confectionery, Coffee, Tea (Photo):

  • - Ground coffee and tea in capsule for coffee machines, including capsules with soldered filters;   
  • - Chocolate and nuts pastes, including multi-colored;
  • - Dried fruits and nuts;
  • - Сream for cakes in a special package for confectioners;
  • - Various confectionery (packed similar like candy "Kamilfo;
  • - Sweets such as M&M, flakes, Beasley and Toper for dairy products.

Juice  production ,calm bevarages  and alcoholic beverages (Photo):

  • - Hot bottling of juices and beverages in Doypack packages and in the  bottles;
  • - Juices;
  • - Spilling of quiet drinks in plastic and glass bottles;
  • - Spilling of concentrate juices, various beverages in special capsules for  homemade drinks;
  • - Spilling of alcoholic beverages in a different container.

Fast Food Systems. Catering (Photo):

  • - Salads, both with mayonnaise filling and without filling;
  • - Multi mixture for rapid preparation of first and second courses;
  • - Ready to use first and second courses;
  • - Different products in small containers for catering.

Semi-finished products , meat and fish (Photo):

  • - Meat, poultry in plastic containers to store both refrigerated and frozen;
  • - Paste, canned can be packed into plastic containers;
  • - Meat prepared foods, ready soups in Doypack packages and packages with three seams;
  • - Fish preserves;
  • - Various finished products and semi-finished products in plastic containers with modified atmosphere and evacuation;
  • - Pet foods in Doypack packages and plastic containers.

Vegetable packaging, packaging  of  berries (Photo):

  • - Vegetable salads and fruit;
  • - Fresh berries in various types of packaging;
  • - Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cosmetic industry, detergents (Photo):

  • - Shampoos, detergents in the  bottles, Doypack packages;
  • - Various creams, therapeutic muds;
  • - Therapeutic salt and others;
  • - Nail polish, and others, liquids in bottles;
  • - Car treatment.

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